Ductile Iron Pipe Selection Of The Following Four Points Is Extremely Important

- Jun 14, 2017-

Ductile iron water pipe is a ductile iron pipe, with various forms of pipe and pipe fittings production technology to improve, gradually replaced the former PE water supply pipe, and fluid seamless pipe, then why is today's ductile iron pipe in the selection of what needs attention and care?
The selection of ductile iron pipes can be divided into four points:
First, the energy-saving aspects of the pipe, any pipe from raw materials refining synthesis, melting cadmium, machine rolling, injection squeeze to consume energy, from the macro point of view, metal tube than plastic pipe to energy consumption. In the process of compounding, the steel-plastic composite pipe with thermal expansion and spraying is more energy consuming than the metal tube, and the thick wall tube is more energy consuming than the thin wall tube. From the point of view of construction technology, the use of welding, gas welding, hot melt connection than brushing teeth to energy consumption;
Second, the safety of tubing and the reliability of use: This is the most important principle in building water supply, because the construction of water supply is a pressure pipe, once the leaking burst will cause construction and people's property damage. Pipe should be able to withstand vibration impact, water hammer and cold expansion and contraction, and withstand the time test, no leakage, no burst; ductile iron pipe can be used as the pipe system of the first choice pipe a large part of the reason for this.
Third, the pipe in the water after the sanitation: pipe should meet the requirements of national standards Gb 1172198, and after the national accreditation of testing departments, qualified to put into the market. As far as our health standards are concerned, the construction of water mains is within the health clearance. But plastic pipes of various modifiers, additives, additives, metal tubes dissolved in water, the metal ions, which are called the human body caused by environmental factors, the human organs and other factors affecting the human body is still in-depth research and discussion. Therefore, the metal tube without modifier plastics and chemical composition or surface coating without heavy metal molecule has good hygienic performance and vice versa.
Four, there can be a continuous development of the space, in the use of any kind of pipe, people will care about its multiple use and not scrap, the most important reason is that it can be recycled reuse and not create new pollution. For plastic pipes, most can be recycled waste recycling, and for-because of their waste or old tubes can not be reused, and can not be degraded, this problem has been a problem of exploration.