What is the difference between ductile iron pipe and ordinary cast iron tube

- Jun 14, 2017-

Ductile iron Pipe is higher than ordinary cast iron pipe. Ductile iron and ordinary cast iron contain graphite monomer, which means that cast iron is a mixture of iron and graphite. Ordinary cast iron in the graphite is flaky, graphite strength is very low, so the equivalent of cast iron in the presence of a lot of the gap, so the ordinary cast iron strength is lower, more brittle. Graphite in graphite cast iron is spherical, which is equivalent to the existence of many spherical voids in cast iron. The effect of spherical void on the strength of cast iron is much smaller than that of the flake, so the strength of ductile iron is much higher than that of ordinary cast iron. Ductile iron pipes of high strength are of course more popular! The performance of ductile iron is close to that of carbon steel. The price is much cheaper. Vermicular Graphite Cast iron is the best, but expensive. Gray cast iron is worse. White cast iron is the worst. The first two are named after the shape of the graphite contained in it. The two graphite is flaky, separates ferrite and produces stress concentration, so the strength is low.
Ductile Iron Pipe has the essence of iron, the performance of steel.
Compared with ordinary cast iron pipe, ductile iron pipe fittings have greater strength, more impact resistance, more difficult to corrode, the lining of cement mortar is adopted in the inner wall, the pipeline water conveyance environment is improved, the water supply capacity is improved and the energy consumption is reduced.